According to the Ogun State Police Command, no sane individual should consider holding another phase of the current End SARS demonstration in the state at this time.
According to the authorities, on Monday, December 7, “some misguided persons are intending to hold a violent protest branded, “END SARS Phase II.”

Although the police acknowledged that individuals have the right to protest, the command stated that Ogun State did not currently have any grounds for such protests, “apart from those who see trouble making as a lucrative business.
“No reasonable person after the massive destruction of properties and loss of lives occasioned by the recent #Endsars protest would again be contemplating another violent protest so soon,” said spokesman for the Ogun police, Abimbola Oyeyemi, in a statement. It is the most heartless idea and action.

Oyeyemi claimed that only an enemy of the people would want to recreate the chaos of the #EndSARS protest. She also said that thinking about holding another End SARS demonstration is absurd because the disease caused the unparalleled violence to be carried out in the nation, which is why it was outlawed.

Because of this, the Ogun police command made a plea to the youngsters, warning them that any conduct that could jeopardize the state’s peace would be “viewed with all seriousness.”

Edward Ajogun, the Commissioner of Police, cautioned parents, guardians, and young people to be cautious of people who, in his words, take joy in chaos and violence.

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