At the Extraordinary Summit of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), which addressed the subregion’s political, security, and peace conditions, President Bola Tinubu urged leaders to work together and engage in constructive discourse in order to address the issues confronting West Africa.

President Tinubu emphasized at the summit, which was held in the State House conference hall in Abuja, the importance of unity in addressing regional political issues.

President Tinubu stressed the need of teamwork and asked his peers to use good judgment and collaborate to find long-term solutions to the urgent problems at hand.

“Times like the ones we are facing in our subregion demand that we make tough but brave decisions that put the plight of our people at the center of our deliberations. Democracy is nothing more than the political framework and the path to addressing the basic needs and aspirations of the people. This is why we must re-examine our current approach to the quest for constitutional order in four of our Member States. I therefore urge them to re-consider the decision of the three of them to leave their home and not to view our organization as the enemy.

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