Veteran Nollywood actress turned politician Hilda Dokubo has said that the federal government is mistreating Nigerians in the middle of the nation’s current economic troubles.

Nigerians have been facing price increases for food and other necessities, which has sparked protests in several regions of the nation.

Hilda Dokubo, speaking to PUNCH, called the nation’s rates of hunger and insecurity disheartening, pointing out that politicians seem to think life is simple because they are surrounded by a lot of protection.

“Abuse is inevitable when one does not know the essence of something,” she stated. And we are currently experiencing precisely that. People in Nigeria are mistreated. We are being contrasted with nations without access to crude oil, disregarding the fact that certain other nations “It is terrible how insecure Nigeria is. How do we operate? How is the country’s nightlife doing? Because they travel with twenty police officers and bodyguards, these politicians believe their lives are simple. Why do they not go by themselves? They are aware of how dangerous the nation is, so they won’t take that action.

“The majority of entertainers and everyone else in the nighttime economy find nothing humorous about the situation.”

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