Instructors in secondary schools in Ogun are now afraid that their pupils and parents, who are allegedly employing goons to bash them up, may assault them.
Truancy, tardiness, defiance of authorities, and other acts of indiscipline are emerging as the “new trend” in Ogun State’s secondary schools.

Sadly, educators who once monitored these students’ excesses are now aware of the consequences of disciplining a student for any disruptive behavior.

It was learned that employing goons to abuse teachers is turning into a nasty habit in the Gateway State, and nothing is being done to stop the threat.

On October 12, the police announced that they had taken into custody 35-year-old Abidemi Oluwaseun for allegedly bringing thugs to attack a teacher at Baptist Girls College Idi-Aba, Abeokuta, Ogun State, accusing her of hitting his 15-year-old daughter.

Oluwaseun’s daughter and other students were spanked by the teacher for disrupting his lesson, making fun of him, and causing distraction for other pupils.

The father, who was furious, employed two more people: 25-year-old Alebiosu Quawiyu and 25-year-old Fayesele Olabanji. They threatened to hack down the teacher as they broke into the school in an unlicensed car. They were also carrying a cutlass.

Oluwaseun acknowledged hiring the other two men to give the teacher who hit his daughter a lesson in life when they were apprehended by CSP Opebiyi, the DPO of Kemta division, on Sunday.
Although the Ogun State police command stated that “those that were caught have been arraigned in court and we would not relent until that nonsense will stop,” they acknowledged that the ongoing attacks on teachers were growing concerning.

In an interview with reporters, State Police Spokesman Abimbola Oyeyemi stated, “Anybody that is caught, we will make sure that he/she faces the full wrath of the law.”

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