In Offa town, Kwara State, a 49-year-old father named Fasasi Afeez perished while attempting to save his 12-year-old son from a domestic well.

In a statement, Hassan Adekunle, the spokesperson for the Kwara State Fire Service, stated that the event occurred on Thursday, February 22, 2024, at approximately 4:00 p.m. near Gaa Jangbo, Igbonna Road, in the Offa local government region of the state.

According to him, Kaleed Afeez, the man’s son, fell into a well while getting water, and Fasasi attempted to save Kaleed before fire fighters arrived. But then his legs gave way unexpectedly, and he fell into the well as well.

Adekunle stated that the man’s body had been found and given to a member of his family.

The man fell into a home well while retrieving water from it, as per the report, after one of his legs unexpectedly slipped off the ground.

“His father had his legs unexpectedly slip off the ground while attempting to rescue the victim before the fire department arrived, and he eventually fell into the well as well.”

Prince Falade John Olumuyiwa, the director of the Kwara State Fire Service, conveyed his sorrow over the occurrence and asked people to exercise greater caution in their daily lives.

Parents were also cautioned by Olumuyiwa not to send young children to collect water from household wells.

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