Hajiya Naja’atu Muhammad, a former director of the All Progressives Congress Presidential Campaign Council, has stated that President Bola Tinubu informed her that he had no intentions for governing Nigeria prior to the general elections of 2023.
During a live AIT News show that SaharaReporters watched on social media before to the election, Mrs. Muhammad made this statement while discussing the reasons behind her retirement from the ruling party.

She questioned President Tinubu’s ability when he informed her at one of their meetings in London before the election that the plans for his administration will be formulated after the results of the election.

Says she

I then noticed a message. Asiwaju wants to speak with you, he says. At approximately 11:00 p.m., I responded to them. I’m holding out. They called me back as soon as they saw my SMS, and Asiwaju called me as well.

I appreciate your decision to decline the appointment, he remarked. I can’t be a zombie, so I answered sure, Sir. You simply cannot follow me even though you told I should. Tell me what you have planned for us in the north. Because if I made a mistake on Buhari with you, the truth is written on the horizon. I must thus know what you have in store for us. He mentioned that he was in London and that I need to visit if I could. He made a ticket-buying offer to me. I replied, “No, Sir. I can buy a ticket.” Then he said, “Is there a hotel I can get for you?” I agreed and said I would be grateful to take the next Lufthansa flight to London.
That that night, I saw him. We then took a seat. And I addressed him as Sir. I am not accepting your appointment because I am unsure of what you have planned for us in the north. Because everyone in the North is either waiting to be killed or abducted. This cannot continue. What plan do you have for us? He informed me that he was out of things for us.

He replied, “I can’t have a blueprint because if I have a blueprint, I’ll be stepping on too many toes and they might even kill me. You know you mean, Sir, you don’t have a blueprint.” That’s what he stated. But how, I said, can you reign without a blueprint, sir? He After I win the elections, only then will I create a blueprint. After winning the elections, I predicted there would be a lot of diversions. You must maintain your focus on the object. “Well, you know what?” he said. Please bring anything you would like me to include in my manifesto. I mentioned to him my elders. We have a network in place to save the country. Our older is with me. The very next day, I’ll travel to Paris to meet him. I departed for Paris.

“We returned to London and sat down with a template; although I didn’t get to see him, he handed me something we took about the Almajir, since the Almajir is actually a hazard to those of us in the north. They have served as ammunition for cannons. And when you have millions of physically fit men who are doing nothing. There will always be issues. I mentioned that to him. I discussed that in a post. I wrote a piece on farming. Aside from security, I write on a lot of other topics. I had not been permitted to see Asiwaju up until now. even to offer it to him.

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