Senator Shehu Sani, a social critic and former politician, has claimed that there is a risk of anarchy since state police can be easily coerced to act as the ruling party’s enforcement arm in each state.
According to Alabareports, there have been indications from the federal government that they may support state police.

This happened as a result of an urgent meeting that state governors and President Bola Tinubu had at the Aso Rock Villa.

The recent spike in food prices, ongoing economic difficulties, and growing areas of insecurity around the country prompted the call for the gathering.

Sani, however, feels that the state police would not be able to handle every security issue in the nation because they would just lead to other difficulties.

The former legislator worries that state police could be used by each state’s ruling party as an instrument.

He posted a comment on his X account expressing his thoughts on the subject.

The notion that the State Police can resolve every security issue facing the nation is unreal, according to Sani. What magic can the state police work that the armed forces, law enforcement, and civil defense were unable to do? All state police will be is an armed wing of the state’s ruling party. It is sure to lead to chaos.

In a related move, Garus Gololo, a Chieftain of the All Progressive Congress (APC), has stated that the current push for the creation of a state police is not the right priority.

He maintained that the establishment of state police is not the most important issue that has to be addressed.

He claims that certain states wish to create state police in order to incur additional costs even though they are unable to pay their employees the N30,000 minimum wage.

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