Diligent The Nollywood actress Laide Bakare has come under fire from Nigerian artist Habeeb Okikiola, also known as Portable, for referring to him as a “dirty boy.”

The two got into arguments when the movie star called a “dirty boy” from Sango during an interview with her colleague Abiola Adebayo on her YouTube show, Portable.

In response, Portable asserted in an internet video that the actor made overtures towards him in a sexual manner despite having disparaged him publicly.

The “Zazu Zeh” singer added that Laide Bakare begged for his WhatsApp contact and to come to her birthday celebration in a direct message on social media.

He said, “You DM’d me, Laide Bakare, and you begged me to send you my WhatsApp number.” I go ahead and post everything.What would you want to follow me on? I refused to accept the body, mouth, and breast you brought.

Are you nagging at me? Are you referring to me as the nasty boy? That dirty boy you keep begging for DMs. Remember that nasty kid from Sango who you kept begging to be invited to your birthday or function via DM? You mentioned that you were from Sango; where is your family from? Act like a movie in Sango oo. You hugged dirty boy and me on the day you jammed me for the party.

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