In Badagry, Lagos State, the Nigerian Navy’s Forward Operating Base, or FOB, has seized 15,540 liters of gasoline that was kept in a building near a creek.

Navy Capt. B A Amakiri, the FOB’s commanding officer, said that on Thursday at around 11:00 am, navy personnel at Agbojetho-Akorin Beach along Badagry-Seme Road intercepted 518 ×30 Jerry cans.

He said the navy took action in response to an information tip concerning some suspected smugglers operating in the area.

The information revealed that a number of jerry cans thought to be filled with gasoline were kept in a structure near Agbojetho-Akorin Beach on Badagry-Seme Road.

As a result, the Base Quick Response Team moved to the general beach area to conduct an investigation and potentially make an arrest or seize something.

He said, “The team set up a cordon and searched the area, finding 518 x 30 litre jerry cans of the suspected products.”

According to Amakiri, the amount of gasoline product equals around 15,540 liters, or N9,479,400 at the current exchange rate of roughly N610 per liter.

When the culprits learned of the team’s approach, they fled.

It is believed that the offenders intended to smuggle the goods from Nigeria into the Republic of Benin.

“We also searched the nearby communities, but we didn’t find any additional products or suspects,” he said.

Amakiri reiterated his officers’ resolve to keep smuggling unappealing and threatened to impede economic sabotage efforts until the last vestige of smuggling was eliminated.

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