According to Mohammed Idris, Minister of Information and National Orientation, the Nigerian government is tracking down and punishing those who are undermining the country’s economy.

One policy issue that all three of the major contenders agreed upon in their campaign statements, the minister pointed out, was the elimination of the gasoline subsidy.

He stated that it was perplexing to see individuals who had vehemently opposed the withdrawal of subsidies now feigning opposition, adding that this kind of deceit does not augur well for the nation.

Idris emphasized that the President’s initiatives are having a favorable impact.

Nonetheless, he stated that the administration did not believe that the policies were a panacea or that other measures were not needed.

Unfortunately, the CBN’s efforts to clean up and reform a system that has been tainted by long-term malfeasance have encountered fierce opposition from speculators and other dishonest actors both inside and outside of our nation who stand to gain financially from dysfunction and opacity.

“To combat this, government enforcement and regulatory agencies have been collaborating to address these attempts to undermine the changes for the past few days, working nonstop.

“The intelligence-led discovery, investigation, and punishing of individuals and organizations engaged in illicit operations and sabotage within the currency market is a result of that strategic collaboration.

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