The new single, “Deeper Still” from Ty Bello ft Folabi Nuel, Nosa, 121Selah & Chingtok Ishaku is an uplifting blend of gospel and soul.

This inspirational track brings together the powerful vocals of Ty Bello and Folabi Nuel, the energetic rhymes of Nosa, and the beautiful harmonies of 121Selah & Chingtok Ishaku.

It is sure to be a hit with gospel, soul, and hip hop fans alike.

The song is full of encouraging lyrics that remind us to stay strong and keep faith, even when life gets tough.

The chorus is an uplifting reminder that no matter how hard life gets, we can always go “deeper still.” This is a powerful message that is sure to resonate with many listeners.

The production of this track is top notch, featuring a mix of soulful instruments, lush strings, and gospel-infused percussion.

The combination of these elements creates a soundscape that is both uplifting and inspiring.

All in all, “Deeper Still” is an inspiring track that is sure to move listeners and get them singing along.

With its combination of powerful vocals, inspiring lyrics, and top-notch production, this track is sure to be a hit for Ty Bello ft Folabi Nuel, Nosa, 121Selah & Chingtok Ishaku.

Download, Comment And Enjoy.


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