Ty Bello is an inspirational artist whose music speaks to the heart.

Her latest song, “Come Afresh,” is a beautiful reminder of the power of fresh perspective and renewal.

The uplifting tune and heartfelt lyrics invite us to come afresh, to take a step back, and to move forward in a positive direction.

The song is full of hope, and encourages us to leave behind our old ways and to embrace the possibilities of a new day.

The chorus is especially emotive, as Bello sings, “Come afresh, come anew, come with an open heart, I’m ready for you.”

These words remind us that we can always choose to start over and to come afresh in our lives.

The accompanying music video for the song is equally moving.

It features a powerful performance by Bello, as well as stunning visuals of nature.

The imagery serves to remind us of the beauty that exists all around us, and encourages us to look at life with fresh eyes.

The message of “Come Afresh” is a powerful one. Ty Bello reminds us that we can always start again, and that there is hope and possibility in every day. With this song, Ty Bello gives us the courage to come afresh and to open our hearts to the possibilities of a new day.

Ty Bello Come Afresh: Ty Bello, a Nigerian gospel singer-songwriter, is out with her most upbeat song to date, “Come Afresh.” Her recently discovered “Heaven Has Come” record contained the song.

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