Some state retirees earn pensions as little as N450, N500, or N1,000 per month, according to the National Union of Pensioners (NUP).

Godwin Abumisi, the president of the union, made this statement on Thursday at an Abuja press conference.

Abumisi conveyed her sadness over the nation’s economic decline, emphasizing that many union members are going through a great deal of suffering.

“In Nigeria, the impoverished are not given much thought by the authorities.

In this case, how are retirees in Enugu able to get a monthly pension of only N450? Although it appears that we are crying wolf, we have been saying this, and it is true,” he remarked.

Abumusi brought attention to the problem of pensioners receiving pitiful pension payments, usually between N450 and N1,000, which is especially common in the states of the Southeast.

The President of the NUP went on to explain that the reason for the disparity in pension rates around the nation was because there was no pension harmonization, an issue that the union had long supported.

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