Osun State youth have taken to the streets in protest against the exorbitant prices of products and services in the nation.

On Friday in Osogbo, the youth were led by leaders of the state’s civil society organizations, and they implored the federal and state governments to prevent the impending collapse of the nation.

The demonstrators gathered early on Friday along MDS Road, Osogbo, defying the overwhelming presence of police officers close to the protest site.

Armed with posters that said, among other things, “We are humans, stop mistreating the citizens,” “change the unfavorable policies,” and “Nigerians are suffering, we can’t cope again,”

Waheed Lawal, the chairman of the Osun Civil Societies Coalition, declared that the protest would go on until the federal government came up with a plan to alleviate the severe economic conditions plaguing the nation.

“Government must ameliorate the people’s suffering,” he said. To ensure that people live in better conditions, they must take whatever necessary action.

Any government that is unable to ensure the safety of its people is no longer in existence. We are merely expressing that we are prepared to confront the administration during this difficult time because we are marathon runners.

“We have begun this struggle today, and we will not stop mobilizing our people to protest this suffering because we have had enough. If the government does not listen to us, we will not stop.”


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