Concerned about the high operating costs, which have been made worse by the recent increase in the naira-to-dollar exchange rate, are the Airline Operators of Nigeria (AON).

AON claims that because individuals can no longer afford the exorbitant ticket prices, they would rather send money to the event hosts instead of traveling for weddings and other festivities.

The country’s professional association of domestic airlines bemoans the fact that it is now difficult for airlines to do regular maintenance on their aircraft due to the increase in aviation fuel prices.

The operators emphasized that because of the lack of foreign cash, grounded aircraft cannot be flown overseas, posing a serious threat to their continued survival.

Additionally, they have issued a warning that there could not be enough planes in operation to support domestic services if this trend keeps up.

AON underlined the urgent need for government involvement to stop the possible collapse of numerous airlines in a statement released on Friday by its spokesperson, Professor Obiora Okonkwo. The government is ultimately accountable for the demise of these airlines.


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