ZA ZOO!!! Portable Shows Humility As He Prostrates To Greet Wizkid In Viral Video

The viral video posted on Monday, February 5, 2024, captured the musician in a surprising act of respect during a gathering that included other prominent figures like Skepta.
The atmosphere was charged with star power as industry heavyweight, Wizkid joined the assembly at a car lot.
In the midst of fellow artists and notable personalities, Wizkid graciously exchanged greetings with his colleagues.
However, when he approached Portable, the controversial singer took a distinctive approach to pay his respects.
In a gesture that spoke volumes, Portable stood with his hands raised in a sign of deference as Wizkid drew near.

As Wizkid reached Portable, the unconventional artist went a step further and prostrated in a traditional greeting, expressing profound respect for the influential singer.
The video has since gone viral, sparking discussions among fans and the music community about the unexpected display of humility by Portable in the presence of Wizkid.
This rare moment highlights the dynamic and multifaceted nature of interactions within the Nigerian music industry, showcasing the blend of individualism and traditional values among its diverse personalities.

Watch the video below:-

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