Fearlessly, Doris Akonanya ventured out into the streets to inquire about potential suitors for her physical disability.

She is seen approaching a father in a widely shared video clip and asking him if he would be okay with his kid marrying a woman who is only able to use one limb like her.

The father expressed his willingness to tolerate such a relationship by saying that he would not object if his son married a woman who was without a leg.

“Will you let your son wed someone like me?” In a widely shared video, Doris Akonanya quizzes a passerby.
Actress Doris Akonanya is from Nigeria. Instagram is the source.
He clarified that he would still support the woman even if she lost her leg following the wedding.her flank.

The lady gave the man an embrace, and he gave it back to her. Doris expressed her genuine gratitude to him after being deeply moved by his response and kind gesture.

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