Chike, a Nigerian singer, says he enjoys romance with older ladies. Chike Ezekpeazu Osebuka The ‘Running To You’ singer stated that he preferred older ladies since he believed that most women could only converse well when they were “slightly advanced in age.”
On a recent episode of the NAY-hosted Unpack Podcast, Chike was a guest.The 30-year-old stated, “Most people aren’t good communicators. By the time you discover a woman who can speak, she is usually a little older. Not a 23-year-old female.What kind of 23-year-old would I be running around with, and how would she manage it? How is she supposed to comprehend?She merely wants to post photos to Instagram, let everyone know that she’s in a relationship with you. How are you?packing for that individual?

*To be honest, it’s not common to discover younger women who possess such maturity. However, it’s more common in elderly ladies.Before you know it, boys are dating women who are older. And you’re wondering what’s happening. It’s because, as a man, you can only get that kind of tranquility from older women when you reach a particular point in your relationship. “My partners in the last two relationships I’ve been in have both been older than me,” the man explains. No little girl may claim, “I’m dating her.”

I mean, I probably just greet the younger women with a “hi.” That’s all there is to it. It will not be able to move past that. Since I understand its direction. All of our visions are simply different.
The only younger ladies he feels comfortable speaking with, he continued, are career women “who I know that are dedicated, they are trying to do something.” Not those who aren’t

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