The deluxe edition of the debut album by the young Nigerian music phenomenon Rema, “Rave & Roses,” was just released, and it’s already making ripples in the music business.
One of the album’s most interesting features is the addition of a number of brand-new songs, such as “Calm Down (Remix)” with Selena Gomez, “Charm,” “HOV,” and “Holiday.”

If you enjoy music in general or are a fan of Rema, you might be wondering which of these new songs is the best. You fill that role, of course! Tell us which of Rema’s newest songs from “Rave & Roses (ULTRA)” is your favorite and why in the comments section below.
Is it “Holiday’s” catchy beat and lighthearted lyrics, “HOV’s” smooth flow, “Charm’s” hypnotic melody, or the unexpected Selena Gomez duet on “Calm Down (Remix)”? We really anticipate hearing your opinions!

What are you still holding out for? Let’s have a discussion on the finest new song on Rema’s “Rave & Roses (ULTRA)” album. Share your thoughts.

Which brand-new song from Rema’s “Rave & Roses (ULTRA)” is the best?
Let’s hear your opinion.

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