When Sabinus uses an internet dating service to look for a girlfriend, he stirs up controversy.

Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Ejekwu, popularly known as Sabinus, is a Nigerian comedian, actor, and creator of skits. He has created a lot of attention on social media by using an online dating platform to pursue his romantic dreams.

Sabinus is a Nigerian cartoonist.
In the film, Sabinus responded to Lege, the program organizer,’s inquiries regarding his history, age, and other relevant information. Asking where he was, Sabinus said, “I’m calling from Lagos, I dey very serious about this matter.” The conversation then turned to questions about his age and profession, which made for a fun but interesting encounter.
Social media users swiftly deluged the comment area with a wide range of responses to Sabinus’s nontraditional method of courtship. A few made remarks expressing their amusement.

like this: “Place your phone and move back sabinus dey hear what’s your phone number,” said [@phillipfayem](https://www.instagram.com/phillipfayem/). As evidenced by the following comment from [@bellick01](https://www.instagram.com/bellick01/), others made fun of Sabinus for asking for help finding a partner: “Sabinus never has a mind of his own; they always pay their pals to find them a female . “Wealthy guy who’s not fit for toast!”
Those who saw the accompanying video and posted it on Twitter added to the online discussion by laughing and expressing their thoughts about Sabinus’s unusual quest for love

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