Just one day after Facebook’s parent company Meta announced a similar step, TikTok revealed on Thursday that it is contesting an EU cost to enforce a content moderation rule.

The video-sharing app is among the “very large” online sites listed under the bloc’s new Digital Services Act (DSA) that are subject to more stringent regulations.

The European Union’s executive branch, the European Commission, requires fees from listed companies in order to fund the DSA’s implementation.

Although it acknowledged that it had made the required payment last year, TikTok stated that it disagreed with the manner the charge had been determined.

We are appealing the price because we don’t agree with it and there are several reasons why. One of the main ones is that our monthly active user count was calculated using inaccurate third-party estimates.figuring out the overall sum,” a representative for TikTok stated in a statement.

In the EU, TikTok reported having 125 million monthly active users on average last year.

The turning point The DSA law requires the platforms to take extra steps to control information on the internet and to safeguard users from fraudulent activity

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