Appealing Ikuforiji Olaitan Abdulrahman, better known by his stage name Oxlade, is a Nigerian singer who has disclosed the reasons behind his final-year university program abandonment.

The crooner of “Ku Lo Sa” said that he was a student at Lagos State University, or LASU, but that he left school in his last year because he was being pursued by some cults.

He claimed that despite the cultists’ pressure, he refused to join their gang and left the college.

In the most recent episode of the actor Temisan Emmanuel Ahwieh, also known as Taymesan, podcast, Tea With Tay, he revealed this.

Oxlade stated, “I spent my entire academic career reading literature and the bible in the church. Then, in my last year, I left school.

I have never before said this. I left while a boy attempted to get me to join a gang. My grandmother contacted me one day to ask me where I was. She stated that I should start visiting our family’s Ibadan house when I mentioned that I was on campus.

“I traveled to Ibadan. Those fanatics nearly killed my housemates that day. I recognize my grandmother’s significance in my life because of this. There is God, indeed. I can say with all my heart that God has saved me many times.

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