A $750,000 bond has been granted to Duane “Keffe D” Davis, a 60-year-old former gang boss from the Los Angeles area who was involved in the murder of well-known American artist Tupac Amaru Shakur.
According to the DAILY POST, the suspect was charged with murder with the use of a dangerous weapon after being apprehended in September 2023.
Two months after Las Vegas police raided his wife’s home to look for evidence related to Tupac’s murder, he was arrested.
Davis made an appearance in court in Las Vegas on Tuesday to discuss the possibility of his release on bond while he awaits his criminal trial.If they agreed to get their client released on bond prior to the start of the primary trial.
They said that all of his remarks regarding Tupac’s murder were made for amusement and financial benefit, even while he continued to file a not-guilty plea.
The prosecution, however, argued that Davis was a cold-blooded murderer and shouldn’t be allowed to walk the streets.
After that, the judge, Carli Kierny, decided to release him pending trial and gave him a $750,000 bail.
In addition, Kierny said that Keefe D will be placed under electronic monitoring house arrest in the interim until his trial.
At the age of 25, Shakur was shot and killed on September 7, 1996, during a drive-by shooting in Las Vegas.

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