Bulawayo Regional Magistrate Elijah Singano convicted Siqokoqela of violating the victim’s constitutional rights and sentenced him to a concurrent two-month sentence for doing so.

Mphoko’s low morality is demonstrated by the victim’s three-year age gap from Mphoko.

He apparently compromised the casualty with death assuming that she uncovered the make a difference to anybody. Additionally, it was learned that the victim viewed Mphoko as a father figure; however, he betrayed her trust, violating the victim’s rights as well as those of her family.

Mphoko’s legal counselor contended for a decreased sentence, refering to his ailment and family commitments. According to his lawyer, he had a young family and immovable assets like a house and cars. The victim would suffer psychological long-term effects, according to the prosecutor.

However, Singano asserted that the court must act in the child’s best interests and that the victim’s constitutional rights to privacy, good health, education, and dignity were violated. The defense’s request that all three counts be considered one for the purpose of sentence was granted by the magistrate.

The magistrate said:-
“Lawfully each count of r*pe is equal to 10 years in prison and sentencing the accused 30 years for each count will be on the harsh side considering that it is the same victim and in a short space of time.

The court is inclined to impose 20 years of imprisonment for all three counts and unfortunately, the court cannot further suspend this sentence as it will be taken for belittling this serious crime.

The accused is therefore sentenced to an effective 20 years in prison for count one to three and two months for count four which will be served concurrently with the previous counts.”

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