Steve Chuks, the well-known creator of skits known as “Madam Gold,” has stated that he is sometimes accused of being gay as he plays a woman in his skits.

He claimed that in the past, a few gay males had even approached him.

The creator of the sketch explained that dressing like a woman in his skits doesn’t mean he’s gay.

Actress Toke Makinwa is the host of the Toke Moments podcast, in which he made an appearance.

“One thing I don’t like is how people stereotype men who wear female clothing,” stated Steve Chuks. Doing this right now makes me feel like I’m a specific person right away. Have I mentioned anything to you? Is there anything I told you that I was?

“I’ve also met gay people who were like, ‘You really say this?'”Your bumbum, I’m not going to use it, am I? Yes, folks. And I thought, “What’s going on here?” Are you being tricked by the “Madam Gold” character? However, I no longer wear Madam Gold’s attire. Go from me.

I’m not making this up. Gay men have contacted me numerous times. That’s not the kind of thing I desire. You didn’t hear anything from me. Please refrain from saying anything like that to me.

“Nigerian males are highly disparaging. They claim that any man who dresses like a woman is queer. That, in my opinion, is one of the reasons Josh2funny most likely altered his outfits following his marriage. People were always making comments about him [because of the way he was dressing at the time] even before I entered the [entertainment] business. Additionally I said to myself, “I see nothing.” I’m just watching someone behave. What is the reason behind their silence regarding girls dressed as men? They never hear anything like that from anyone. Why does it exist at all? How come you can’t just take pleasure in the humor and the attire?

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