The outstanding single “Charged Up” by Solidstar, a well-known artist from Nigeria, has just been released. Solidstar’s most recent song this year, after previously released tracks that were well-received by both fans and reviewers, is “Well Enchanted.”

Solidstar’s “Charged Up” highlights his distinctive fusion of Afro-pop and R&B, resulting in a lively and contagious song that is sure to get listeners moving. The song has silky vocals that are characteristic of Solidstar, and the catchy melody will have you bopping along in no time.

The amazing music producer Nkwasmith deserves all the credit for putting Solidstar’s concept for “Charged Up” into reality. Each component of the music is masterfully adjusted to create a seamless and pleasurable listening experience.

“Charged Up” is a terrific addition to Solidstar’s discography overall and a showcase for his musical prowess. This song is certain to become a fan favorite and a mainstay on playlists all over the world because to its irresistible melody and memorable lyrics. So take a seat back, unwind, and let Nkwasmith’s masterful production and Solidstar’s soft vocals transport you to a musical experience you won’t soon forget.