Afrobeat artist Ayra Starr revealed that she thinks her mother has been using music as a kind of coercion since she was a little girl.

In recounting her experience breaking into the music business, Ayra Starr revealed how her mother used to advise her on how to succeed in the field and what to do if she wanted to pursue a career in music.

Ayra Starr described how, using her desire to be a singer as blackmail, her mother forced her to move to Lagos and finish her degree at the age of 14.

“I got into the university at 14,” Starr recalled. I feel like ever since I was a kid, my mother has been blackmailing me with music. She said, “If you want to To perform music, you must accomplish this. I didn’t want to move from Benin Republic to Lagos at first, but she persuaded me that it’s the city of music.

“My mum has been using music to blackmail me since I was a child” – Ayra Starr, 29,
Nigerian musician Ayra Starr. Google is the source.
She stressed that I must complete my education before I may pursue a career in music. Many Nigerians typically complete their secondary education at the age of 15 or 16. I realized that I would never be a teenage pop sensation if I waited until I was 15 [before finishing my secondary education]. I also aspired to be a teenage pop sensation. I thus accompanied my older brother and JAMB, or what you guys call the SAT, was written.

“To be honest, I didn’t get into all these Ivy League colleges with this result, but it was good enough to get by. It satisfied my mother’s needs. I was accepted to a reputable university. I took the course for three years. International Relations was the subject. I also began performing music covers online the year after I graduated, and I was signed to the Mavin Records label in the same year.

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