Rivers state women demonstrate at the PHCN office, claiming their husbands’ unwillingness because of the heat.

Several women from Rivers state have brought their complaints about ongoing power outages and the ensuing heat to the PHCN office.

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These women held signs in a show of collective discontent, calling for an end to the electricity problems that their area is facing.
They emphasized how the lack of electricity prevented them from having light and, because of the extreme heat, prevented them from being intimate with their spouses.
To compound their annoyance, the women pointed out that they were still receiving enormous bills from PHCN in spite of the continuous power outage.

Funny responses to this protest have been trending on social media.

View the post below.

Here are a few responses.
With a playful remark, @CatiaKyen said: “Everyone get wetin Dey do them for this country”
@Uzorchukwu_ posted: “ReallyAs a man from the Rivers, I can attest that I haven’t touched my wife since last month. Until Nepa steps in, I go to Bayelsa to touch my side chicks.
@Selfmadeceleb3″These people are not serious; they should ask their husbands why. A man cannot be going through hardship and still touch a woman,” the speaker continued.
@Joiyy44 proposed: “They ought to get vibrators and dild0 as soon as possible. Later on, their husbands go and plead with them. Sha, make PhCN pay attention to their petition.
“This is their headache out of all the things happening in the country?” inquired @thisistolu.

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