Talented Nigerian musician Rema just released Rave & Roses on Ultra as a remastered version of his previous album. Six new songs are included in this edition, along with three previously released singles: “Holiday,” “Reason You,” and “Calm Down (Remix)” with Selena Gomez.

The new tracks on this Ultra version of Rave & Roses will thrill Rema fans. Rema’s distinctive sound and approach, which have elevated him to the top of the Nigerian music scene, are on display throughout the album.

This updated version of Rave & Roses highlights Rema’s artistic adaptability by fusing several musical genres and styles to produce a varied selection of tracks. His ability to experiment with various sounds while staying faithful to his roots is demonstrated on the album.

Rema is poised to further establish himself as one of the most gifted and creative musicians on the Nigerian music scene with the release of the Ultra version of Rave & Roses. Fans can listen to the album right away to experience the newest release in Rema’s illustrious legacy.