PROBLEM!!! “People Aren’t Who They Seem To Be” – Tunde Ednut Calls Out D’Prince As Ruger Departs His Label

According to Alabareports news, a few days ago, Roger announced his separation from D’Prince’s label “Jonzing World” and the creation of his new label, “Blown Boy Entertainment.”
He tweeted his sincere appreciation to D’Prince for having faith in him and taking a chance on him.
Ruger did, however, agree that Tunde Ednut found him and then turned him over to D’Prince.
In response, Tunde Ednut wrote to D’Prince on his Instagram page, saying that God could see through his simple heart and how open-minded he was with D’Prince.
He saw that individuals aren’t always who they seem to be and pledged to express his mind when the time was appropriate.

“Whatever you choose to do in this life,
Never allow a person to allow you to give up on helping others in this life.
I have a lot to say about D’Prince, but we’ll discuss that later. If not, I no longer like following trends.
I haven’t spoken anything since. God will honor me if man does not honor me.
I’ll express my opinions when the moment is appropriate. Individuals are not what they appear to be. @dprince God sees my openness and my honest heart toward you. I will never stop helping people, and one day God will honor me. I am well-known for that. That is my purpose in being here on Earth, according to God. We’ll find out in time. We go over the entire issue when the moment is appropriate.
God be with you@rugerofficial YOU ARE NOW FREE! I’m delighted for you. Your brilliance and grace are unstoppable. You are destined for greatness by God.
I speak my mind. I have not sent anyone

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