She made this admission during a planned interview with an unnamed source, during which she pledged that she had used more than 75 men to spiritually boost her financial goal.

According to her revelation, she confessed that she started off the money rite at 24 during her youth service era when she got initiated into an occult group by a friend in Ogun.

Their rite spanned from entangling sexually with men in exchange for their destiny. As disclosed by her, each time she sleeps with a man, the victim would never make earnings again no matter how he tries to boost his financial dream.

She also said that she has used more than 75 men for the rite, which has resulted in lavish, expensive homes and businesses.

Finalising her ordeal, she vowed to give up on the rites and give her life to Christ once she clocks 30.

Her words:

“I’m a 24-year-old girl. I was tired of being broke so a friend introduced me to a place in Ogun state during my service year where I can traditionally make money. We did it and It’s been working for us. I was initiated into the occult and my assignment is to bring men’s spxxm. I have 4 businesses, 2 cars, and a comfortable rented apartment in Lagos.”

“Currently, I’m renovating my family house. People think I do hook up and sleep with politicians but no, I go for guys from 22-36 years old. Men are very cheap and getting my sacrificial lambs ain’t even stressful. These men have their wealth and destinies exchanged whenever we have sex.”

“They’d never make money again no matter how they try. I’ve used over 73 guys if I’m not mistaken. Some of these men’s girlfriends suffer scratches and spiritual attacks in form of “spirit husbands”. Men are not the only ones doing rituals though, girls do too. I’d stop and give my life to Christ once I clock 30. I’m happy I haven’t murdered anybody.”

Nigerians couldn’t hold their nerves and reacted massively via all the social media handles.

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