People Should Stop Being Intruders – Actress, Chacha Eke

People Should Stop Being Intruders – Actress, Chacha Eke

Chacha Eke, the superstar actress, has talked about why people need to quit interfering in the lives of others.

She explained interference in other people’s lives leads to pressure on these people which could result in mental illness.

She maintained all forms of pressure whether societal, parental, peer and others could trigger mental illness.

To illustrate her point, the actress shared a post displaying a sad woman seated on the floor crying while holding a pregnancy test kit with a couple of others littered around her.

The post captured hands holding microphones with varying opinions addressing the woman’s ‘inability to have a child’.

The opinions read: “Are you pregnant yet?

“Don’t wait till it’s too late.

“Girl hurry and give your husband a child before he starts wandering.

“Don’t keep us waiting too long! Where are my grandkids?

Don’t you want children? You’d be such a great mom.

“You don’t have children, you won’t understand.

Captioned the post, the mother of four wrote: “Pressure of all kinds can give one mental illness. Stop intruding in peoples lives

“Societal pressure. Parental pressure. Peer pressure….& more.”

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