By completely removing all corrupt politicians who have transformed the richest black nation into the world’s poverty capital, our society must first put itself on trial.

Before I dive into the topic, I will get a kick out of the chance to promptly pressure that this piece isn’t expected to build up help for Web misrepresentation.

Instead, it aims to emphasize the socioeconomic foundation that enables Internet fraud and other related crimes.

The author of this article would make a social connection between the rise in crime and the reckless political decisions made by a ruthless group of anti-poor and corrupt politicians.

One musician, Fela Kuti, attempted to forge a social connection between the petty thieves and the “Vagabonds in Power” he referred to as “VIP.”

His music, “Authority taking” assisted with laying out who ought to be faulted for the obliteration of cultural qualities between trivial criminals and the stealing lawmakers we chose into office.

Without first performing a meticulous and objective diagnosis of the social base that promotes such ugly menace, it would be foolish to rush into an unscientific condemnation of petty criminals.

You also don’t have to look very far. We live in a society where the ruling class has changed what traditional African society thought to be good values and intentionally damaged morals.

Peter Tosh sings, “You can’t blame the youths, you can’t fool the youths,” in the song “you can’t blame the youths.” You talk to the young people about Christopher Columbus and say that he was a great man;

you show the adolescents Marco Polo and you said he was an extremely incredible man;

You tell the young people about Pirate Hawkins and say that he was a great man;

You tell the young people about Pirate Morgan and say that he was a great man;

Everything these powerful men were doing; robbing, raping, kidnapping, and killing… Peter Tosh was simply explaining to us how the ruling class had spread an ideology that makes crime very appealing through our institutions.

And this isn’t just any kind of crime; rather, it’s the kind that celebrates you when you steal the entire nation’s treasury but sets you ablaze when you still have N50 gala to eat.

African china sings naturally;

“Unfortunate man wey cheat Maggie dem go show im face for wrongdoing warrior; Rich man stole money, but we didn’t see their faces as police officers.

These political dolts are made Ministers and Deaconesses in our holy places.

They are given front-row seats and their presence in church is announced with joy. They receive chieftaincy titles as a reward from our villages, communities, and family members. Numerous undeserved awards are bestowed upon these individuals by NGOs and media outlets.

Our school’s history curriculum continues to falsely personify them as great leaders and celebrate their nonexistent greatness.

We would have been taught about Obasanjo’s 1979 massacre of university students in Zaria, Ife, Lagos, and Ibadan for protesting the removal of a student food subsidy if our history had been fair. We would have learned how the head of the military orchestrated the theft of N2.8 billion from the national treasury;

We would be taught how Atiku Abubakar and the civilian president held oil blocks “directly and through proxies,” friends, family, cronies, and lackeys;” We would be told how he illegally gave himself and his thieves’ allies publicly owned properties.

We would have been told, if the right history had been taught, that Buhari deposed a democratically elected government, which was a treasonous act; an activity that ought to have landed him in the party of the dead.

As PTF chairman, we would have been told how he orchestrated the miraculous disappearance of $2.8 billion. We would have learned how the head of the military collaborated with the IMF and World Bank to impose unprecedented economic hardship on Nigerians while secretly enriching himself and his associates.

Please keep in mind that petty criminals were created by the actions, inactions, and irresponsible political decisions of thieves elected to positions of power and authority before anyone hurls accusations and torrents of insults at them.

Because there are no schools to teach them that there are no virgins in heaven, killing in the name of God seems more appealing in Northern Nigeria.

Since Boko haram pays its fighters a better wage of $3000 per day than the N1000 paid to the Nigerian soldier by a stupendously wealthy Nigerian government, getting a job with Boko haram appears to be more lucrative than working for the Nigerian army.

Since schools are either too expensive or too hard to get to, child cultism has become popular. The government’s inability to provide young people with jobs has resulted in the production of numerous Evans, Anini, prostitutes, and Yahoo guys.

Sports betting is the most noble and accessible profession for our young people who are disciplined enough to avoid crime.

What else can you expect from a nation with over 125 million people living below the poverty line, if not more crime?

I don’t want criminals to be spared or given a pass. However, the person who is required to arrive at equity must do so with clean hands.

First, our society must be put on trial by getting rid of all corrupt politicians who have turned the richest black nation into the world’s poverty capital.

Obasanjo, Babangida, Buhari, Jonathan, Atiku, Tinubu, and Saraki, among others, ought to have received the death penalty before they began harassing Yahoo guys.

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