The goal of incorporating other cultures and nudity into Nigerian music videos, according to well-known cinematographer Buari Olalekan Oluwasegun, often known as Unlimited L.A., is to attract music lovers.According to him, some musicians request that their music videos incorporate specific cultural elements or nudity in response to requests from fans or target demographics.
Speaking about the influx of other cultures and nudity in Nigerian music videos, Unlimited L. A stated in a recent interview with Channels Television, “I think Nigerians are the most traveled people.” I’ve read about it someplace.
As filmmakers of music videos, we follow the artists’ instructions. Certain musicians can claim that they want their followers in America, Europe, or Africa to be able to identify with a specific music video. Consequently, the customer is essential. We [music video makers] often simply throw everything out there, combining various cultures.
It’s likely due to Nigerians living abroad that we incorporate elements of other cultures into our music videos. It’s not as though our culture is unexistent. We also have a distinct culture. However, we must incorporate other cultures into music because we are aiming for a diverse spectrum of listeners.

is crucial. Sometimes, as music video directors, we just throw everything out there, combining elements of several cultures.
“I believe the reason we include other cultures into our music videos is because of Nigerians living abroad. It’s not like we don’t have a distinct culture. Our culture is unique as well. However, since a diverse spectrum of listeners is our goal, music has to incorporate various cultural influences.

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