Music: Peter Ifeanyi – Thank you [Lyrics]

Peter Ifeanyi is a Gospel music minister and producer hails from Arochukwu Local Government in Abia state, Nigeria.

I was born into the family of ukpabi Emeruwa and Happiness Emeruwa as the second child of the family, in the year 1994, 30th March.

My family is indeed a God fearing one. I grew up seeing football as my career and music as a hobby before I discovered that music is actually my calling while football is the hobby. I love music alot even when I never took it serious as a career back then, so I had to join the instrumentalist at my my grandma’s church (presbyterian church of Nigeria) because I grew up with her and my senior brother.

So when I finished secondary school in the 2010, I had to give music a try and that was how I discovered my real talent/gift in the year 2011 and then i was in the music industry as circular musician until God arrested in the year 2019 to serve Him and revive souls with my talent/music which is the major purpose of my Creation, so Because of my zeal, passion and love for music, i overcome all that came my way, striving harder to actualize my dream and purpose on earth.

Honestly, knowing God is the best thing that happened to me. I never knew that I was following the wrong path with the gift God gave me, but God in his infinite mercy poured out his love upon me.

In 2016 i studied Electrical Engineering at Port Harcourt poly while in 2021 I decided to upgrade my self as an Engineer at Ken Saro wiwa because of my love for Education, but despite all this I chose to pursue music as a carrier because it’s my calling and my major purpose of creation.

The name I bear then as a circular artist was “BLACK STAR“, and it was later changed to “IFESCOPET” which I later rebranded to “IFESBABA” but then God had to change it to “IFEANYI PETER” after answering “MINISTER IFESBABA” for a while. One of my songs as at when I was a circular artist was “ALL OVER ME, REMBARA, LOVE, KIRIBE & so on”. Even as a circular artist, God’s grace was still with me in order to direct my steps. Am also a marriage/Relationship counsellor by God grace.

God bless you..!!!! Please keep supporting the kingdom of Christ to grow…

So Expect fireworks from “PETER IFEANYI” because God has given us mandate to Revive souls from the darkest world 🌎

PETER IFEANYI is a brand you can not sleep on when it comes to good music 🎵🎶

The EP project is an introduction to the world 🌎🌍

@iampeterifeanyi on social media.

YouTube channel: Peter Ifeanyi.

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THANK YOU (Lyrics)

I want you to lift up your hands, right now and thank God for all the good things he has done for you right now, let’s go
He is the alpha and omega…..
He’s the omni potent lord


I lift my eyes to the hill…..
Where will my help come from….
My help will come from the lord…
Who created heaven and earth…
He is my refuge and my promoter…eyeah….
He’s my alpha and omega… and i lift up my voice to praise you… to thank you for all you’ve done for me lord…
That is why I say…


Thank you (2x) omega….
Thank you (2x) abba father….
Thank you (2x) Jehovah….
Thank you (2x) omega…..


I lift my voice in praise…. I bow on my knees to worship you…..
To worship the king of kings, for all the good things you have done in my family
The ones you have done in my life…..
I worship you and I say to you my saviour

*Repeat chorus*


Imama gi ga digide 2x
Imama chin ga digide….
Ebereoma gi 2x
Ebereoma gi ga adigide…..
From east to west….. I will praise you Jehovah…..
From generation to generation…..
I will keep appreciating you….
For all the good things, you have done….
For all the good things you have given to me…..
Thank you for my family….yeah….
I thank you for my well-wishers…yeah….
I thank you for my fans all over, i thank you for the ministers of the gospel….
Thank you Jehovah,
Thank you for the life ooo..
Thank you for the talent..
Thank you for everything you have done today…
That is why I say heehh…

*Repeat chorus 2×*

The end.

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