Despite any doubts I could have had as a Christian, I grew up hearing the adage “God Doesn’t Lie” since I was a little child.

However, it never gave me the assurance I thought it should until lately, when I reached a point where I was losing faith and unable to even pray. I was reminded of all the promises God had made to me, but I still felt as though nothing was moving forward, and my world was on hold.

But in the midst of all, God’s word—”Ba Na Karya”—which means “I Do Not Lie”—came to me clearly. This gave me the assurance that gave rise to the Hausa song “Ba Ka Karya,” which means “You Do Not Lie,” encouraging me that he has a time and season for everything.

in his possession, and he will accomplish exactly what he promised.

According to the Book of

Numerology 23:19 God is not a human being, therefore he cannot lie or have a change of heart. Does he speak, then do nothing? Does he make promises he doesn’t keep?

My perception of God’s promises was significantly altered by this change of perspective.

And my hope is that the song will help find that Man or Woman. In the name of Jesus, Amen, may the Lord grant those hearings healing, deliverance, and salvation.


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