One of the top musicians in Africa, Davido, has released a new song called “No Competition” with Asake.
The song is from his eagerly anticipated new album, “Timeless.” Fans and music enthusiasts alike are awaiting the album’s release with bated breath as a result of the recent publication of this new song.

Davido’s distinctive musical style and his talent for writing catchy tunes are nicely displayed in the song “No Competition,” which was expertly composed. The song is the ideal fusion of modern R&B and afrobeats, with Asake’s soulful voice balancing Davido’s silky vocals. The song’s lyrics are straightforward but effective since they express a message of love and loyalty. Davido sings in a song about a specific woman that he loves.

Asake, on the other hand, gives the song his own unique touch with his soulful voice and delivers an emotional verse that nicely balances Davido’s singing. The two musicians’ wonderful harmonies together will leave listeners wanting more.

The beat of “No Competition” is simultaneously catchy and calming, and the production is of the highest caliber. The song has a distinctive sound that is easily recognizable as Davido’s because to the instrumentation, which combines modern sound with traditional African instruments.

Davido has already given fans a preview of the next album “Timeless,” which looks to be a masterpiece. Collaborations with some of the biggest stars in the domestic and global music industry are anticipated for the album.