Mr. Eazi, whose real name is Oluwatosin Oluwole Ajibade, is a well-known singer and businessman who has stated that he has never aspired to be a musician.

According to the mechanical engineer, he fell into music by chance.

After playing at Coachella in 2019, only three years into his career, he stated he thought about giving up music because he didn’t feel fulfilled.

The “Skin Tight” crooner claimed that he chose to venture into technology as a way to relieve his musical burnout.

In a recent interview, he revealed this to media personality Angela Lee.

“I have a tech company called Zagadat Capital,” he declared. And it felt like I was becoming tired of music.

Following my appearance at Coachella in 2019. On the first day of Coachella, I performed, and I descended from the stage, and I had no emotions. Not a happy place. Not depressed.

“I’m in my third year of performing at Coachella and, for someone who never aspired to be an artist, I felt nothing.

I took that as a sign that I would have to either give up on music or find another passion. Because I needed to take a break or that was not a pleasant sensation to have. Perhaps I was going through burnout.

And that’s when I stopped for the first time to consider my next course of action once COVID struck. I was learning about the music industry because I had started using Empawa.

However, I was sick of hearing music at all. If you don’t listen to music, how can you manage a music business? Thus, I let my team take care of that.

“I’ve always wanted to start my own business, and since music has allowed me to connect with people and raise money, I thought, okay, I’m going to start my fund like Jay-Z.”

Mr. Eazi also revealed that he plans to start making investments in the film business the following year.

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