Microsoft Corporation has dispelled many illusions regarding artificial intelligence (AI) and its uses, particularly those that relate to detrimental effects on employment. The company has also shared information about its approach to AI development and ethics.
Ayanda Ngcebetsha, Director of Data and AI at Microsoft South Africa, and Trusha Vanmali, Business Program Manager at Microsoft South Africa, emphasized at a virtual session of the Microsoft Africa AI Journalists Academy that artificial intelligence would increase productivity rather than replace jobs.
According to their explanation, “the significance of AI tools in accurately conducting research, interpreting language, summarizing reports, and scheduling multiple meetings in a single day while optimizing time management cannot be understated.”
The two observed that while 2023 was the year AI became widely available, 2024 would be the year in whichUsing artificial intelligence tools could help free up time for more satisfying and creative cognitive tasks.
According to Ngcebetsha, artificial intelligence (AI) is present but unseen, working in tandem with humans to foster rather than stifle creativity.He said that copilot, an AI tool, may assist content creators with writing, coding, summarizing, and looking for particular data, such as tables and charts, to enable them to produce quality reports more

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