According to Nollywood actress Ini Obong Edo, some men perceive women who are “overly successful” as a challenge to their authority as the head of the household.Men, according to her, like submissive women who they can “control.”
The actress emphasized that she doesn’t enjoy the thought of “lording over” a guy and that, personally, she loves to be a “queen.”
In the most recent episode of Toke Makinwa’s podcast, Edo stated, “Some men feel intimidated by the strength of women.” because we risk appearing to be overly busy. To begin with, you’re a lady, gorgeous, and present everywhere.In order to be able to pull you around, be the woman, cook, clean, and do other things, men naturally want to see you [women] not be very successful.all the fundamentals they have learned as children and are expected to
It therefore feels almost like you’re competing with their ego when you become overly strong. However, the truth is that I enjoy being the queen, as I usually say. I’m not a lady who wants to ride over or subjugate any man.

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