Meet Popular Nigerian Actor Who Spent 2 Years In Jail For CARRYING DRUGS, SEE WHAT HE DID

Life tends to be difficult when you have no money in your wallet or bank account. That is why people look for one or two ways to earn money and enjoy their lives. I am not saying that it is bad to look for all kinds of ways to make money, but you have to try to do it in a legal way. We all know how difficult it is to find a job in this country, so we try to find one or two things to keep us busy and take care of ourselves.

This article covers the story of popular actor, Uche Odoputa who did his jail term after involving in drug trafficking.

The Life Of Uche Odoputa Before Prison
Uche Odoputa is a well- known Nollywood actor, who doubles as a television personality, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and model. He was born on September 23, 1969 in Orlu, Imo State, in southern Nigeria. He is 52 years old right now. He is extremely attractive, as well as gifted, skillful, creative, and talented.

He attended primary and secondary school in Lagos State, Western Nigeria, and obtained the First School Leaving Certificate and the West African Senior School Certificate.

Uche Odoputa started going for auditions and began playing supporting roles in films in the Nigerian film industry in the year 2000. He was on the edge of being a well- known Nollywood actor when he ran into a situation that almost shattered his dreams of becoming a renowned Nollywood actor.

How He Was Arrested For Drug Trafficking And Jailed For Two Years
Some businesses are unlawful, and attempting to go into them, you will end up in police jail and have to pay the price. In 2007, actor Uche Odoputa got himself into a lot of problems after attempting to smuggle drugs (cocaine) out of the country.

On Friday, 23 March 2007, the award- winning Nollywood actor and television star was arrested at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Ikeja, Lagos, for trafficking cocaine as he was about to board a Virgin Atlantic plane to London. He ingested about 1. 336kg of cocaine.

Shortly after his arrest by the government agency, actor Uche Odoputa was tried by the NDLEA and sentenced to two years in prison for narcotics trafficking. After completing two years and three weeks in jail, Uche Odoputa was released in 2009.

How The Case Affected His Career And His Regret
Uche Odoputa was on his way to become a successful actor. He had a sizable fan base and was on his way to being as well- known as big names in the industry like Emeka Ike, Ramsey Nouah, and Jim Iyke. Unfortunately, his predicament had a negative impact on his career.

The actor, who was born in Orlu, Imo State, claimed he was struggling financially and that some people took advantage of his need by introducing him to drug trafficking.

” I regret my actions. I was a growing brand and a lot of people were angered by my action. I was disappointed in myself. I thank God I came out of prison a changed person, ” he said.

He mentioned that he had never taken drugs before and that was seeing the substance for the first time.

He also said he was grateful for a second chance and would never go down that road again.

He said, ” It took away my career and the little fame I had at that time. Gaining recognition in Nollywood and even among my colleagues has been a struggle since then. ” Nevertheless, not all of his colleagues distanced themselves from him while he was in prison, he said.

” The late Amaka Igwe paid part of my legal fees, she was always in contact with me and never abandoned me. She took me under her tutelage after I was freed from prison and taught me directing. While others paid to learn directing, she taught me for free. I was to direct the job she was working on before she died. Up till now, I can’ t bring myself to delete her telephone number. I still hear her voice sometimes. She was a good woman, ” he said.

How Mr IBU Helped Him While He Was Serving His Jail Term
He also expressed gratitude to John Okafor, commonly known as Mr. Ibu, for his assistance while he was imprisoned.

He said, ” He used to send me recharge cards which I sold. That enabled me to take care of myself when I was imprisoned. “

Odoputa, who now lives in Port Harcourt, said the relocation was necessary to enable him plan his life. ” I need some sanity and time to decongest my brain. Things were moving too fast in Lagos, so I relocated to Port Harcourt. “

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