Man Wanted After Making A Baby Smoke In A Viral Video

The Lagos State government and police have issued a wanted notice for an unidentified man who was seen in a popular video smoking and giving tobacco to a baby.
In the video, the man who was holding the infant in his arms intermittently pushed the substance into the infant’s mouth after taking a puff. The man continued as a female laugh could be heard in the background.

On social media, the now-viral video has continued to spark a lot of outrage. Many criticized the behavior and urged pertinent government agencies to make sure the man is prosecuted.

In the meantime, the commission has been urged to speak with anyone who may have pertinent information about the man by the Lagos Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Agency (DSVRA).

The agency’s attention has been drawn to a disturbing video posted by Kingbloggerload, @kbl backup, according to a tweet on its pages. Please contact us at our toll-free number, 08000333333, or send us a direct message on one of our social media pages if you have any useful information about where this is happening.

The police had previously posted the identical information, stating that their agents were looking for the suspect.

Olumuyiwa Adejobi, the force’s spokesperson, stated on Twitter: “Everyone of us can see this again. How did he obtain the child? His child? or a cousin or niece? Whatever it is, mothers need to take away the lesson to never leave their child in the wrong hands.

“Not everyone can watch your child for you or take care of them. We require more details about him. He must be made to experience the full force of the law. This is terrible. But mothers in particular need to take note of this.

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