Man dubs late wife ‘Angel’ as he remembers her months after she died during Labour

An emotional man’s grief at the loss of his wife, who passed away while giving birth to her twin, was shown in a viral YouTube video.

The sad man could be seen attempting to care for the kids alone in the YouTube video uploaded by Afrimax English, which sparked strong internet comments.

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However, as multiple sources have shown, the woman who tragically passed away was the victim of the medical professionals who cared for her.

Her terrible death was the outcome of this. She was able to deliver her twin, who was then given to her husband’s care.

The young man who referred to his late wife as ‘Angel’ vowed to fulfill his late wife’s wish by making sure he takes care of the children till he passes away.

Nigerians responded vigorously on all social media channels, displaying intense sympathy.

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