M.I Abaga – 6AM In Accra

M.I. Abaga, a seasoned rapper and legendary figure in Nigeria, has released a catchy freestyle single called “6am In Accra” on his own label, Incredible Music.
“6am In Accra” emphasizes M.I. Abaga’s continuous dominance as one of Africa’s best rappers, a status he has skillfully and steadfastly upheld.

In this song, he audaciously restates his goal to be the greatest rapper while simultaneously using his music to save the continent and bring about change. It’s a strong declaration of intent that highlights his status as a visionary artist deeply invested in the advancement of Africa.

In the reflective lines and lyrical mastery of “6am In Accra,” M.I. Abaga brags about his tenure in the hip-hop industry. Despite his seeming retreat from the public eye in recent years, he maintains that none of his peers have surpassed him.

His younger brother, Jesse Jagz, a well-known Nigerian hip-hop veteran, makes brief appearances in the music video for this song, which further amplifies the excitement. This feature offers fans a wonderful surprise by highlighting the brotherly closeness shared throughout their family.

Watch and listen to the video below:

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