Laod” is an exciting new single from Crypto Money featuring the renowned Nigerian rapper, Otega. The song is an infectious, upbeat rap-infused banger with a catchy chorus and bouncy beat. Otega’s signature flow is on full display as he spits fire over the beat, with lines about money, power and ambition. Meanwhile, Crypto Money’s production style is smooth and melodic, blending hard-hitting 808s and pulsing synths with an infectious groove.

The track is a celebration of success and ambition, and its message is clear: hustle hard and don’t give up. The chorus is an anthemic call to arms, encouraging listeners to “double up, triple up, never give up”. It’s a song that is sure to inspire and get people moving.

Overall, “Laod” is a great collaboration between Crypto Money and Otega. It’s an infectious banger that is sure to get people moving and motivated. The combination of Otega’s fiery flow and Crypto Money’s melodic production makes for an exciting and memorable combination. This is definitely a track to check out.


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