Bianca Censori, 29, an Australian architect and Kanye West’s wife, made a statement in fashion when she went out in Los Angeles wearing a translucent raincoat that left little room for interpretation. People were noticing her nudity because of the transparent plastic.

However, it wasn’t simply her avant-garde decision that attracted attention; her 46-year-old musician husband, Kanye West, was also mysterious, with his face entirely concealed by a latex mask.

After Kanye’s divorce from Kim Kardashian was confirmed in January 2023, Bianca was employed as the Head of Architecture for Yeezy, which marked the beginning of her rise to fame.

Kim’s style choices were greatly influenced by Kanye, who frequently referred to her as his “muse” during their marriage.

Kanye and Bianca’s friendship took a a dramatic shift. In order to keep their marriage off the public record, the pair secretly married in Palo Alto, California in December 2022 under the terms of a “confidential marriage” license.

Bianca’s change since they got married has been remarkable. She went for a dramatic blonde style and chopped off her long brown hair. She started dressing more daringly, which is obviously a result of Kanye’s influence.

When the pair was discovered on a boat cruise in compromising situations during the summer, Italian officials opened an investigation.

During a river taxi journey with Bianca, Kanye was photographed baring his ass during the images. She was observed sitting between his legs, his entire posterior visible due to his undone jeans.

Friends are worried about Kanye’s dominating actions around Bianca, such as dictating to her.restricting her wardrobe options and enforcing severe guidelines.

According to Bianca must abide by Kanye’s requirements, which include being quiet, dressing according to his tastes, eating a certain way, and working out even though Kanye doesn’t exercise.

Insiders interpret Kanye’s current social media ban on Bianca as a another effort to keep her away from outside criticism and influence.

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