Josh2funny has released a song entitled “Feel (Resurrection Power)”, and it is truly an amazing piece of music. The song carries a message of hope, faith, and renewal, and is sure to encourage listeners to never give up.

The lyrics of the song evoke a feeling of being reborn, and the music is uplifting and inspiring. With a catchy chorus and powerful vocals, Josh2funny’s “Feel (Resurrection Power)” is sure to be a hit. The beat is driving and full of energy, and the song builds to a powerful climax that will leave listeners feeling renewed and energized.

The message of hope and faith in the lyrics is perfectly complemented by the music. Josh2funny has crafted a song that is sure to move and motivate, encouraging listeners to keep going and never give up.

It is a song of renewal and a reminder that there is always something to strive for.

“Feel (Resurrection Power)” by Josh2funny is a powerful song of hope and faith.

It has the power to encourage and motivate, and the message of renewal and strength is sure to leave listeners feeling inspired and energized. Make sure to give it a listen and feel the power of “Feel (Resurrection Power)”.

Josh2funny, a prolific Nigerian comic creator, instagram comic, singer-songwriter, and media personality, debuts musically with an exceptional track featuring a humorous version of “Feel,” a successful song performed by a major Nigerian singer, Davido, dubbed “Feel (Resurrection Power).”

A top-charting single from Davido’s recently released album, “Timeless (Album),” which includes successful songs like “Away,” “Unavailable,” and many others, the original version of this masterwork song, “Feel,” has captivated the media space.


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