“Join us for dinner” Music Gem, Iyanya snatches enchanting Lady from her boyfriend, post her photograph

Another controversy has emerged in the wake of the contentious discussion about the love life of the opulent Lady who drew the attention of Nigerian artist Iyanya.

Iyanya’s purported Boyfriend openly rejected and threatened her hours after she posted the picture of the young lady she admired during Davido’s “Timeless” event.

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He stated:

“A buddy of mine alerted me to the fact that iyanya had posted my girl’s photo online. I mistook it for a joke. With all due respect, Iyanya, could you please take this down? You won’t like what I do.

He was dared to by the ‘Like’ crooner who was unbothered. The young Lady must legally establish her status as his wife, which sparked discussions across all social media channels.

The young man’s claimed girlfriend stepped out in public and revealed that she is unmarried, leaving him in the height of anguish as everyone mocked and sympathized with him.

However, after completely snatching her from him, Iyanya invited him to dinner with him and his alleged girlfriend.

He stated in his tweet:

“Baba, show me your proof that your baby is yours,” Or perhaps you’d like to come to supper with us?