On Thursday, President Bola Tinubu bemoaned the way that federal bureaucracy is impeding the realization of his goals and ambitions.

In order to do this, the President instructed Federal permanent secretaries to recommit themselves to their jobs and endeavor to enhance Nigerians’ quality of life by responding promptly to issues pertaining to the welfare of the populace.

President Tinubu made the call, according to a press release from the State House, during a meeting on Thursday at the State House with the Head of Service, The Body of Permanent Secretaries, and certain Directors-General of agencies. He emphasized the need to approach policies that affect the economy and the well-being of the populace with urgency, diligence, and a strong sense of duty.

He issued a warning about the ensuing inefficiency and needless red tape.

As the government’s engine room, public officials are responsible for the activities of over 200 million people both domestically and internationally. As such, President Tinubu has challenged them to always think and operate with a generational grasp of their role in making national history.

“Let’s fulfill the dreams of our kids. Why are we going slower with that?

It’s more than just deplorable. It is not appropriate. We promised to lift our people out of destitution. You shouldn’t make them more susceptible. Assist Nigerians in resolving their issues; do not make matters worse by causing intolerable delays, the President declared.

Dr. Folasade Yemi-Esan, the Federation’s Head of Civil Service, gave a briefing to the group earlier in the meeting.

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