Ice Prince, a Nigerian rapper and performer, has accused Jesse Jagz, a coworker, of causing the breakup of Choc Boiz.that Jesse Jagz Nation and Super Cool Cat, the record labels founded by Jesse Jagz and Ice Prince, respectively, caused the breakup of the Choc Boiz Collective, which included M.I., Jesse Jagz, and Ice Prince.
But Ice Prince claimed in a recent interview with Echoo Room that Jesse Jagz ought to have done more to maintain the unity of the collective.
“Jesse Jagz is the one who’s accountable for not bringing this Choc Boiz Collective’s music together,” he declared. I think he needs to add more ginger in order for it to work.You have to pull one for the team, Jesse, my friend. Frequently, the blame is always.
get directed against M.I. as, as the older brother, he must bear the responsibility. Jesse, though, you have to pull one for the group. My G, it’s your fault. Jesse is needed more than he is currently accessible to the club.

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